ACTIVEÉ SALON PROFESSIONAL is characterized by the excellent quality of its products, which have been formulated to answer to the great variety of hair care needs there are. So far, we have been focused, like many companies specialized in personal care, in haircare for families using as our main pattern the female hair, given that women are a more visible target because they search for this kind of products more frequently.

Men had been forgotten, due to the generalized idea that they require less or look for less maintenance for their hair. But we know this isn’t true and that your hair is an important part of your personal care. Which is why we want to open again the field of personal care for men, dealing with the main concerns that trouble them.

Keeping this idea in mind we made ACTIVEÉ FOR MEN, which are products specifically designed for men that deal with the three most common problems a man faces when choosing products for his personal care. That’s how we conceived CLEANSE, a variety that faces male dandruff, due to microorganisms or excessive hair product build-up; STRENGTH, a variety that deals with hair loss due to weakening and breakage; and ENERGY, which offers a daily use option with a masculine fragrance and a refreshing sensation.

We have designed as well, as a part of our arsenal for the male audience an ENERGY WAX GEL that gives hair sophisticated, bright and residue-free style. We have enriched this product with eucalyptus extract, which refreshes hair, stimulates the senses and leaves a masculine fragrance with every use.

ACTIVEÉ FOR MEN is a complete line of products that covers the forgotten needs of men and surpasses your expectations in matters of hair care, surprising you with its results.

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